Mount Rolleston and Glacier
Mount Rolleston (2271 m) is the highest peak within Arthur's Pass. It is home to the South Island's northernmost glacier (Crow Glacier). The park's largest glacier, Marmaduke Dixon, is found near Mount Wakeman and covers an area of nearly 22,500 ha.
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Waimakariri River
The Waimakariri River is Canterbury's longest waterway and measures almost 150 km in total. It is formerly known as Courtenay River, and locals may refer to it as the "Waimak".
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Civil Engineering
It was Edward Dobson senior in 1866 who started the first civil engineering project around the Waimakariri River. As a provincial engineer in Canterbury he ordered to quickly cut through the rock and build a road that soon would connect both sides of Arthur's Pass.
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Orange-Fronted Parakeet
The orange-fronted parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi) or Malherb's parakeet, is a critically endangered parrot species endemic to New Zealand. The population remaining in the wild is estimated to have a maximum of 300 birds.
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Great Spotted Kiwi
The Great Spotted Kiwi or Roa (Apteryx haastii) is the largest kiwi species in New Zealand. It is endemic but threatened with populations only in the north of the South Island.
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