The orange-fronted parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi) or Malherb's parakeet, is a critically endangered parrot species endemic to New Zealand. The population remaining in the wild is estimated to have a maximum of 300 birds. The orange-fronted parakeet measures about 20 cm in length and its main body colour is a bright green. Feathers below its long tail have a deep blue tone.

This bird is rarely observed in its natural habitat due to its rather quiet nature. Its appearance and characteristics are very similar to its relative, the yellow-crowned parakeet
(Cyanoramphus auriceps). They are distinguishable by their frontal band colour (orange vs. deep red).

Back in 19th century, the orange-fronted parakeet was distributed throughout the South Island and parts of the North Island. Through intensive hunts, logging, and the introduction of predators such as ship rats, stoats and possums, this parakeet is limited to three populations in and around Arthur's Pass National Park. It prefers beech forests as habitat - such as those of the Hawdon and Pulter Valleys as well as southern parts of Lake Summer Forest Park. Captive birds are usually sent to offshore islands or hold in sanctuaries.
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